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17oz Jars
TWELVE Flavor Variety Pack

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17oz  JarsTWELVE Flavor Variety Pack
Product ID 17oz-flavored-dill-pickle-jars-variety-pack
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TWELVE 16oz jars of our most popular SnoCo Pickle flavors!  
Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Sour Grape, Peach Pop, Green Apple, Grape, Mango Tango, Sour Green Apple Tropical Pineapple, Orange Cream Soda, Bahama Mama and Cherry

Ralph's SnoCo Pickles are the the perfect blend of two well-known southern traditions, snow cones and kool aid koolicle pickles. Our pickles are made by carefully curing top brand dill pickles in premium quality cane sugar snow cone syrup to create a treat beyond belief!
  • Only Premium Brand Kosher Dill Pickles Used
  • Made With 100% Cane Sugar Snow Cone Syrup
  • Cured In High Quality Ralph's SnoBall Supply Inc. Snow Cone Syrup
  • Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Strawberry, Grape, Raspberry, Mango Tango, Tropical Pineapple  & Peach Punch Goodness!


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